Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver: A book review

I’d like to give a good review about this book, but you know, I’m lost of words. I really loved it, and just like the author, I guess this book also mean something to me.

It started a bit quite fast, Liesl seeing the ghost Po in his room. I thought it will start with her family background or anything in particular. And while reading it, books of Cornelia Funke came into my mind. It is somehow familiar with her book, The Thief Lord. Its just that Funke is way better than her, well I think it’s because of her long experience in writing children’s book. Despite the comparison, I believe Liesl and Po is very special, its like bringing us back into childhood, from our innocent wishes and mistakes.

What affected me most is the part where she really wants to see her father talk to him and say goodbye. My dad also died when I was almost seven years, but I don’t remember any emotions I felt on those days. My mom said that I did not cry. I guess she’s right since I don’t remember anything.

I’d like to go back discussing the book, since I’m getting a little mushy here.  So going back, the most amazing about the book are the characters and their perfect illustrations. They are exactly how I imagined them.






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