The Giver by Lois Lowry: A book review

I borrowed this book from my office mate, and I felt like I should have bought a copy in the first place. I love the book! It deserves to be in in my favorite shelf! It was so interesting! The concept and the writing style is great! While reading it, I can’t stop thinking how better it is from Hunger Games and other dystopian and utopian books. I think better is an understatement, the Giver is the best! (But I love Hunger Games in a different way!)

There are several things that made the book incredible; the mystery of Jonas role in the community, the introduction of color, happiness, and pain and the concept of Elsewhere, Release and Sameness.

I’m just confused about the ending. Can somebody tell me what happened there? Do I need to think deep to grasp the meaning of it?

But I love it, really love it!


11 thoughts on “The Giver by Lois Lowry: A book review

  1. I was lucky enough to be required to read this in grade school. Unfortunately, I don’t really remember the ending because it has been so long, but hopefully, a more recent reader can discuss the ending with you.

      • I just put in a request at my library so I can re-read it. It’s been so long; I probably read it around the time it was published. I was briefly searching online about the ending…slight spoiler alert for those who haven’t read it…the ending is meant to be ambiguous and you’re not sure what happens to them…….HOWEVER, a sequel came out in 2004 that explains their outcome. It’s called Messenger.

  2. Recursos, como o senhor mencionou uma aqui será extremamente útil para mim! Vou publicar um link para esta página web no meu blog personalizado. Im certeza de que minha visitantes do site site irá localizar o bastante vantajosa.

  3. You should read them in order, as they will explain a little better and you will find out what happened to Jonas. It’s an awesomie series, I did a book review project on The Messenger and Gathering blue for a Young Adult Literature class I took. I did them both because I couldn’t pick just one.

  4. I was just about to mention the sequels to “The Giver” when i read the other comments so i don’t need to anyway. But i think it was mentioned something(for where) but the author said that both him and the baby survived and that she was surprised that people thought that they were dead. It’s a while since i read that statement but i’m sure that it was a happy ending than a sad one. I can’t say what the sequels said about it because i haven’t read them. I totally agree with you that it is a really good book–or rather great. Better than the hunger games but i love both books in a different way too. I surprised that there isn’t a movie to this book yet. It would make an excellent movie(although it might be challenging since they have to make a world that doesn’t see color or feel pain).

  5. Thanks Mike! Someone told me that Jonas and the baby are alive and he became the leader in the third book. I also learned that it has a mini-movie version in a particular country, but I’m not sure.. 😉

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