As a blogger, I admit I haven’t posted a lot of book reviews lately. The reason behind this is the fact that I’m reading more than usual, and I have no time for writing proper reviews. So, I decided to post my August Top Reads!!! They are the books I’ve read this August that I gave a 5 or 4 star rating in Goodreads. And of course, I loved them! Here they are:

1. Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

These are two books in the Infernal Devices series: the first one is the Clockwork Angel and then, the second is the Clockwork Prince. I love this series and I think it is way better than the Mortal Instruments, but they are both good. I just love the Victorian London setting of this that’s why I prefer it. And the love triangle is so amazing! LOL! I am definitely Team Jem!! I fell for him so hard, I’ve been thinking about him these past few days. My favorite character from the first book is Jessamine because she’s a brat and she’s hard to deal with. LOL! The second book totally broke my heart. I love it more than the first, mostly because it has more Jem in it and I also learned Will’s secrets. I admit I hate Tessa because she loves them both. Or it’s Will she really loves but she agreed on Jem’s proposal. I should be happy for Jem, but it just broke my heart. Jem is a good person, with a pure kind heart, but he’s dying, and he deserves someone better, someone who really loves him. Anyway, I’m excited and a bit scared of the final book, Clockwork Princess. 🙂

2. Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

5 stars for the awesome adventure! 5 stars for 5 dragons! LOL! I definitely enjoyed the book in spite of the love triangle. I think it was overdone. Kelsey is still as frustrating as ever. Ren is still a perfection, and I love him. Kishan, on the other hand, is kind and gentleman, and also gorgeous. So I firmly believes that Kels doesn’t deserve any of them. At first, I thought she’s right for Ren, but I changed my mind after the second book. I can also see her with Kishan, but now, there’s no one for her. LOL! Anyway, I still enjoyed it so much. Especially the appearance of the 5 dragons! I love any book with dragons, and of course, tigers!

3. Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Another praise for Julie Kagawa! I didn’t expect it to be so amazing and I must say it really exceeded my expectations. I don’t read much vampire books, but i decided to give it a try, since it is on our buddy reads. I love and adore the book, it is intense and gripping. It is definitely a different kind of vampire story with a touch of dystopia. Dark and brutal, and beautiful at the same time. If you want a kick-ass heroine, you will definitely like Allison. The romance is also heartbreaking, but made me yearn for more. I want more of Zeke, and the mysterious vampire Kanin. I need the second book now!!! 🙂

4. The Legacies (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files 1-3) by Pittacus Lore

Fast paced and action packed! I enjoyed it so much! A perfect bonus story of the series! Tragic at most times but well written because I felt most of it. My favorite part is the POV of Adam, a kind hearted mog. But I also liked the love story of nine, I think his story is the most tragic among them. As always, six is amazing, the coolest character! Now ready to read The rise of nine! 😉

5. Where you are by Tammara Webber

You may notice that this is the only contemporary romance in this post. Well, I rarely read this kind of books but I think I am liking them nowadays because they are easy and light read. But I’m very particular with picking a book in this genre. And I must say, any book from Tammara Webber will do for me. I love her book, Easy, and I had high expectations with Between the Lines series of her. I honestly say that I didn’t like the first book from it, but I did finished it, and the ending of it made me want to read this second book, Where You Are. And I definitely enjoyed it!! Graham and Emma are perfect for each other! I love how they ended up together, their romance, and the amazing ending. I haven’t read the third book because it is about Reid, but I might someday. 😉

6. Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

Finally, let me give you the only book I made a proper review in my blog this August, check it out here. I’m sorry guys, I have to include it here because it is definitely my top read for August. For me, this is a perfect and unique retelling of Romeo and Juliet. The writing style has flaws but the romance is captivating, especially the combination of tragedy and true love.


That’s all my fellow readers and bloggers! What are your thoughts? Have you also read them? Let me know so we can discuss! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!



2 thoughts on “MY AUGUST TOP READS!

  1. I absolutely loved the Lost Files, glad you did yoo 🙂 Adam’s story was a surprising favourite and I reaaalllly hope he shows up again in the series. The Rise of Nine my next book to read and I can’t wait 🙂

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