Four Summers by Nyrae Dawn: Book Review

four summersTitle: Four Summers

Author: Nyrae Dawn

Started Date:  May 24, 2013

Finished Date:  May 24, 2013

Rating: 5/5 stars


Summary from Goodreads:

“Charlotte Gates is tired of being Charlie Rae. She loves the lake she was raised on, their rental cabins, and spending her nights under the stars…but inside she yearns for more.

After his freshman year, Nathaniel Chase’s family spends their first summer at The Village. From the beginning Charlotte intrigues him. She’s the girl who always says what’s on her mind, wins at night games, and each time she looks through her telescope, gets lost in the sky.

Over the course of four summers together, Charlotte and Nathaniel become best friends, share firsts, mend broken hearts, protect each other’s secrets, overcome tragedies…fall in love. And say goodbye…

Charlie wants out of The Village. Nate wants her to have her stars. And they dream of being able to do it all together. But life isn’t as easy as their summers.

Each summer is told in alternating points of view between Charlie and Nate. Journey with the pair, and their friends, as they share their story about growing up, discovering who they are, making tough choices, and falling in love again and again.”





Wow, it’s really good! And I’m feeling generous right now, I’m giving it 5 stars! But yeah, it deserves the 5-star rating.
I really like it, and I finished it in one sitting. This one is a bit more emotional from the author’s previous books, and I love how she wrote this one differently.

I love all the characters, it felt like I got to know them more within the four summers. Charlie is a very likable heroine, which is definitely rare. She’s the Star Girl, she’s one of the boys, she plays football, she plays Last Man Standing, she loves the stars, she dreams big, and she’s Charlotte to Nate.
Nathaniel Chase, the summer boy, who made her swooned a lot, is definitely every girl’s dreams. Oh well, I really think so. I like his POV, the second and the fourth summer, made me understand and love him more. I think their story is so close to reality, it felt like anyone can relate to them one way or another.

I like how the author wrote this book with both Charlie and Nate’s POV, it felt complete. It felt PERFECT, especially for a summer read. 😉




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