About Me

I am a financial analyst, a certified book reader, a licensed forester, a movie critic and a loving girlfriend.


Things I love to do:
1. I love to read! I read a lot of books such as romance and YA novels, kiddie books, manga and comics!
2. I collect different stuffs. I have a huge collection of books, DVDs, ball pens, and stationeries.
3. I love to watch movies, TV Series, and animes.
4. I surf the net almost everyday to check up on my applications.
5. I love pancakes, waffles and milk teas!
6. I love to spend my time with my loved one!


I created this blog not because I’m a good writer but because I would like to have something that I could write on and share my thoughts, views, and important events in my everyday life. So bear with me if I’m not that good in writing, and I still believe that I have areas to improve. Enjoy!



12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Jona.

    Is your name really Jona? If those photos are really of you then I can safely say that you are a babe.

    I hope the nice, pink hat in the top picture didn’t get wet.

    • Of course, that’s me! 😉 My real name is Jonalyn, and everybody calls me Jona. I’m fond of colorful hats! Thanks for stopping by! Hope to read some of your books soon! 😉

      • The pleasure is all mine.

        Would you be interested in reviewing my latest book by any chance? It is a collection of three short stories called Shades of Grey. I can provide you with a Smashwords code for a free copy.

        I can see that your To Read pile is bulging but time is not something I am too concerned about.

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