BEWITCHING by Alex Flinn: A book review

Title: Bewitching

Author: Alex Flinn

Started Date: February 4, 2012

Finished Date: February 8, 2012

Rating: 5/5 stars


WOW! I absolutely love this book! It totally deserves to go in my favorite shelf! This is the best book of Alex Flinn so far, but I also love her Beastly and A kiss in time.

I was really excited about it once I’ve learned from Flinn’s website that she will do a series about Kendra. And I saw this book already out on our local bookstores last week even though the expected publication date is on Feb 14. That’s why I’m a bit shocked when I saw it on our stores and I bought a copy immediately. I have no time for hesitations since I’ll just be thinking about it. πŸ˜‰ I also learned that there’s a book giveaway and I can’t join because it is only available in US. So I’m a bit jealous to those who won a copy while I bought my own. But it’s all worth it!

Bewitching is mostly about Kendra’s adventures since her discovery from the plague in London. What’s the best part about the book is the combination of history, literature, and teen romance in it. I was introduced into different book classics which I know but haven’t read such as Candide, Vanity Fair and Shakespeare plays. And I love the history part such as the Plague in London, the sinking of Titanic and the story of Louis, Dauphin of France. I even googled everything about them,haha. I also like the spin-off of different fairy tales such as Cinderella, Little Mermaid and Hansel and Gretel.

I had mixed emotions while reading it, I like the history of Kendra and her relationship with his brother. I like her personality, she’s strong and smart, she loves to help even though everything doesn’t go right and she got blame in the end. I got sad about what happened when she helped the children from a gingerbread house, the prince and the mermaid. They all turned out not well.

This is not just about Kendra, but also about a girl named Emma. She’s a typical teenager with a gorgeous evil stepsister, Lisette. But it’s not a typical Cinderella story, so you must read it to find out why. It’s a great read, sometimes I hate Lisette and sometimes I pity her. But Emma is such a kind girl and I totally believe that she doesn’t Warner. Good thing she didn’t end up with him but with Travis. (*spoiler alert*, LOL, I can’t help it!)Anyway, I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves fairy tales and happy endings. πŸ˜‰