The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan: A book review

Title: The Serpent’s Shadow (Kane Chronicles #3)

Author: Rick Riordan


Started Date: September 2, 2012

Finished Date: September 9, 2012

Rating: 5/5 stars


“He’s b-a-a-ack Despite their best efforts, Carter and Sade Kane can’t seem to keep Apophis, the chaos snake, down. Now Apophis is threatening to plunge the world into eternal darkness, and the Kanes are faced with the impossible task of having to destroy him once and for all. Unfortunately, the magicians of the House of Life are on the brink of civil war, the gods are divided, and the young initiates of Brooklyn House stand almost alone against the forces of chaos. The Kanes’ only hope is an ancient spell that might turn the serpent’s own shadow into a weapon, but the magic has been lost for a millennia. To find the answer they need, the Kanes must rely on the murderous ghost of a powerful magician who might be able to lead them to the serpent’s shadow . . . or might lead them to their deaths in the depths of the underworld. Nothing less than the mortal world is at stake when the Kane family fulfills its destiny in this thrilling conclusion to the Kane Chronicles.”




5 stars again! Again and again! A perfect book to end the series!

A massive applause for Rick Riordan for another job well done!
This book is SO amazing! Riordan is such a brilliant author!
I love it so much my heart could burst!

So ok, there are so many things I like about this book! I think of the same old reasons with the rest of Riordan’s books, I love them for a whole lot of reasons a middle grade kid can do. I laugh a lot! I grabbed this thinking that it would cheer me up, and it never failed me. The characters are very funny, especially the two heroes, Sadie and Carter. They are perfect role models for siblings who take care of each other even though they used to fight a lot with their differences. Carter is now a confident teen who faced his destiny. Sadie is still annoyingly talkative, but she’s got a lot of sense of humor, and that’s what I like about her! And I also love her cute romance with Walt and Anubis, she’s confused in the right way. And my most favorite character is back, BES, and I’m so happy!!!! Bes and Tawaret’s love team for the win! LOL! Before I forget, I have a favorite new character here, and that’s Hapi, the god of Nile. If you have also read it, I’m sure you know why I’m fond of him. LOL!

Anyway, I love the ride of adventure that I took while reading this book, and I’m looking forward with more, especially the spin off series, hopefully! 😉




The Warlock by Michael Scott: A book review

Title: The Warlock (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #5)

Author: Michael Scott

Started Date: June 18, 2012

Finished Date: June 23, 2012

Rating: 5/5 stars

“The fifth book in the New York Times bestselling series The Secrets of the Nicholas Flamel—The Warlock

Although their ally Dr. John Dee has been declared utlaga, Machiavelli and Billy the Kid will follow the plans the Elders have laid before them: they will loose the monsters of Alcatraz on the city of San Francisco, thereby triggering the end of the humani race.

Danu Talis:
The Shadowrealm that Scatty and Joan of Arc have entered is far more dangerous than they could ever have imagined. And they haven’t landed here by chance—the warriors were called for a reason. So were Saint-Germain, Palamededs, and Shakespeare. The group was summoned because they must travel back in time to Danu Talis and destroy it. For the island of Danu Talis, known in humani myth as the lost city of Atlantis, must fall if the modern world is to exist.

San Francisco:
The end is finally near. Josh Newman has chosen a side, and he will not stand with his sister, Sophie, or with the Alchemyst, Nicholas Flamel. He will fight alongside Dee and the mysterious Virginia Dare.
Unless Sophie can find her twin before the battle begins, all is lost – forever.

In the fifth installment of this bestselling series, the twins of prophecy have been divided, and the end is finally beginning.”


Wow!!! Another book I love from Michael Scott! He really never fails to capture my young heart!!! There are so many things I love about the whole series. I love the mix and twist of different mythologies, and the amazing characters and settings. The series is also well-written and researched. And I think this is the best book for me in the series, but I might change my mind in the future when I’m done reading the last book, LOL! Michael Scott writes beautifully, every chapter has an action-packed adventure and ends with a good cliffhanger. Every chapter also contains different settings and characters, and I love each characters but my most favorite in this book is Tsagaglalal. She is a new character but also an old one, but I will not reveal why and who she is in the series, it’s a surprise for everyone to find out. LOL! It’s because I was shocked and surprised when I found who she is and her true identity. I also like other characters, like Billy the Kid because he’s funny and Virginia Dare because she’s mysterious and I was intrigued by her. Anyway, I will not say much so that I will not also spoil the book. I like the fact that more secrets were revealed here and more answers were answered. I am so excited to read the last book from the series, The Enchantress, which is also already out. 😉