The Hunger Games Movie: I SUPER LOVE IT!

This is just a short post about how much I love the movie! I just got home from watching it at Greenbelt 3, Makati and it’s already 1am here, I’m so sleepy but I want to write here to tell and yell all my rants and raves about how awesome it is! It’s perfect, and it’s how I wanted it to be. Every scene did not disappoint me. At first, it felt like it is a little dragging, but I guess it is how it really should be because that is also what happened in the book. Jennifer Lawrence is such a good actress! She got Katniss right, she’s into the character! I even cried when it came to the scene where she volunteered for Prim. I couldn’t believe it. Josh Hutcherson is also great! I love him so much! LOL! He’s also perfect as Peeta!

Anyway, so much for that, I’ll continue tomorrow, I need to sleep, my bed is already calling me!

Love! Love! Love it!